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Breathe new life into your home

Home staging in Nice (06)

Hoping to sell your home as soon as possible? Then there’s no need to undertake huge renovation works! Just contact the team at Chroma Design today.

Our home staging services can transform your home and increase its value.

Selling with Home Staging

Invented in the United States by Barbara Schwarz, home staging is a technique that facilitates resale by revitalizing the interior of a home at a lower cost. Drawing on years of experience in the field, we make the best use of interior spaces in your house, or apartment, to pique and keep the interest of potential buyers.

For a neutral and objective result, we refer to the 7 principles of home staging: cleaning, damage repair, de-cluttering, depersonalisation, reorganisation, harmonisation, and valorisation. The process can be a big help in selling your property faster and at the best possible price!

Home staging, an effective way to highlight your property’s biggest assets


Home staging  Nice

For advice on your project, do not hesitate to contact us.

The 90-second rule

"Ready-for-use" products are no longer a trend in retail stores alone. In fact, you’ll be happy to find out that real estate has joined the bandwagon too! Count on us to use our home staging skills to facilitate the sale of your property.

With an interior decoration that is both neutral and modern, you are sure to make a positive first impression on all clients that walk into your magnificent abode. We emphasise all assets of the property to win over potential buyers within the first 90 seconds.

Real estate agents believe that the first 90 seconds of the visit is the most crucial part.

With Chroma Design, the first 90 seconds will be more than sufficient to completely sweep your visitors off their feet


Home staging  Nice

Home Staging is an advantageous concept because it:


Facilitates property sales


Creates a neutral environment in the house


Modernises the property